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Angela Kraft Cross Video Performances

Journey to Wholeness (2017)

Journey to Wholeness was written in memory of Kraft Cross's favorite medical school professor, Dr. Wil Alexander, whose life calling was to teach the health professionals of Loma Linda University empathy and sensitivity. Journey to Wholeness comes in three movements:

  1. In Health and In Sickness 0-4:06
  2. Empathy 4:07-7:09
  3. Healing 7:10-10:50

The first movement starts with the heroic theme and anxiety themes of the main character during healthy times, then the second half is the same themes but during a serious illness. The second movement which can stand alone is Empathy and the song of the empathetic caregiver eventually leads to a dialogue with both the heroic and anxiety themes. The third movement, Healing, starts with the main character trying to do too much too soon and failing, followed by another visit from Empathy and complete recovery. The third movement, Healing, was played by Thomas Sheehan at Washington National Cathedral as the postlude to the National Prayer Service for President Biden's inauguration.

Variations on "Ode to Joy" (2020)

Inspired by cubism, Kraft Cross's Variations on "Ode to Joy" is in essence a fantasie built of many different variation snippets. This is performed on the Ruffatti organ at St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco.

Archangel Fantasie (2021)

Introducing Kraft Cross's Archangel Fantasie, created during July and August 2021, commissioned by St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Dallas, TX, for their 75th anniversary, premiered September 26 as the prelude of the celebratory service, by Philip Joseph Fillion. This is Kraft Cross's first recording of it, played at the Congregational Church of San Mateo. Celebrating the Archangel Michael, defender of those in need, Archangel Fantasie celebrates the Dallas church bearing his name, for all their beautiful work in the area of social justice.

La Pieta (2021)

Kraft Cross's La Pieta was inspired by the Michelangelo sculpture of Mother Mary, tenderly holding her young adult son, Jesus, after he has died on the cross. It premieres today on Good Friday 2021. It is a piece of sorrow and grief and an empty understanding of how "man's inhumanity against man" can continue to kill the Son of God.

Messianic Longings (2017)

Kraft Cross's Messianic Longings is a Fantasie built on the beloved Advent hymn, O Come O Come Emmanuel. This is in memory of her senior pastor during medical school days, Rev. Edgar A. Cook of the First Congregational Church of Corona whose thought-provoking sermon Messianic Longings stuck with her all these years. He talked about the universality of people feeling the need for a savior when life is not feeling fair or just. Please enjoy the luscious sounds of this 1924 EM Skinner in the reverberant acoustic of historic Trinity Church in San Francisco.

Fantasie on Adeste Fideles (2020)

Kraft Cross's Fantasie on Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful) recorded by Angela Kraft Cross at Trinity Episcopal Church SF, EM Skinner Organ.

Online Recital

A virtual recital of Angela Kraft Cross's audio recordings assembled for St Bride’s Church, London, England, broadcast on 18 NOV 2021.

Concert: Angela Kraft Cross plays music for Advent and Christmas

A program recorded at the historic Trinity Episcopal Church in San Francisco and its 1924 EM Skinner organ. The program is a mix of traditional favorites from the organ literature interspersed with five of Kraft Cross's Christmas fantasies.

  • Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Messianic Longings (2017) Angela Kraft Cross
  • Nun komm der Heiden Heiland Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Fantasy on an Old English Carol (2014) Angela Kraft Cross
  • Fantasia on Greensleeves Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • Fantasie on Adeste Fideles (2020) Angela Kraft Cross
  • Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen Johannes Brahms
  • Fantasie on Personent Hodie (2015) Angela Kraft Cross
  • Noël X Louis Claude Daquin
  • Mary Magnificat (2010) Angela Kraft Cross

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